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The criminal justice system can be intimidating for individuals who don’t understand the procedures, laws, and rules that govern it.

Our Richmond criminal law attorney can help you navigate understand Texas laws and navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system.

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Criminal law is concerned with the system of legal rules that define what conduct is considered as a crime, and how the government may prosecute someone who has committed a crime. The federal, state, and local governments have penal codes that explain the different crimes they prohibit and the corresponding punishment for each.

If you believe that you are under investigation or you have been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, our Richmond criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights and defend your freedom. Call us at 281-206-8119 to schedule a consultation today.

Types of Criminal Law in Texas

If you have violated a federal, state, or a local law, you may face fines, probation, or incarceration depending on the gravity of the violation you have committed. A lawsuit will be fined against you by a prosecutor who is acting on behalf of the government to enforce the law.

Criminal offenses are classified based on their severity under two main categories: felonies and misdemeanors. A third category, called infractions, often involves the criminal process but only induces fines.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney


A felony crime can usually be punished by a year or more in prison. Felonies involve offenses that can lead to serious physical harm (murder or assault with a deadly weapon), but it can also include offenses that could lead to serious societal harm such as bribery of public officials and mortgage fraud.


A misdemeanor is a less serious crime that can typically carry a punishment of a maximum of one year in jail. Examples of a misdemeanor include theft, careless driving, or vandalism. In some cases, a misdemeanor can turn into felony. For instance, if you commit a misdemeanor assault repeatedly within a certain period of time, it could be classified as a felony under statute.


An infraction can include petty offenses such as a traffic violation. Technically, infractions aren’t considered crimes because they are only punished by a fine. However, it can often involve a criminal process (such as being pulled over by the police during a traffic incident) and certain criminal laws and procedures may apply.

Criminal Charges in Richmond, TX

Like family law, areas of criminal law can branch off into their own specific sub-categories. When you set up a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in The Law Offices of Annie Scott, here are a few things we can discuss in detail regarding your criminal charges:

Drug Charges

Controlled substances are drugs whose use and possession are regulated by the federal government. Possession of a controlled substance is necessarily a crime. However, the possession of drugs becomes illegal when there is no legal justification to it, or when the substance has no legitimate use.

An illegal possession of a controlled substance occurs whenever an individual owns or possesses a drug without permission. For example, you are charged with possession of marijuana. Depending on the amount, 2 ounces for instance, we can talk about the criminal procedure including litigation or sentencing, the defendant’s rights, juvenile delinquency, or even expungement eligibility. Drug manufacturing and drug trafficking may also be applicable in these cases.


To be convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), the authorities must require proof that you were operating a vehicle and under the influence. However, these two parts of a DUI charge aren’t always as straightforward as they appear.

Unlike other driving-related violations, a DUI is considered a criminal offense. DUIs tend to carry heavy penalties such as a license suspension, fines, and a possible jail time. While most DUIs are classified as misdemeanors, offenses that involve certain aggravating factors can be classified as felonies.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious criminal offense that involves inflicting injury, or threatening to cause bodily harm to another family member. Even shoving your sibling or relative during an argument can count as family violence.

Getting convicted for domestic assault, especially for aggravated domestic violence, will impact your life significantly. If you’re accused of DV, it’s best to talk to a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible to start building your defense.

Property Crimes

Under the Texas Penal Code, the act of stealing, damaging, or destroying another individual’s property are considered property crime offenses.

You can be charged with a criminal offense if you intentionally damage property that belongs to another individual, or when you take something that belongs to another person without their consent or any legal jurisdiction.

In Texas, general theft law covers a wide array of unlawful conduct such as extortion, embezzlement, swindling, or receiving a stolen property.

Aside from theft of services and properties, there are other crimes related to theft in Texas which includes theft of trade secrets, theft by check, organized retail theft, or cargo theft.

There are different classifications and penalties for property crimes. If you’re interested to learn more about these crimes, call 281-206-8119 to get in touch with our experienced criminal law attorney.


Fraud is commonly understood as a dishonest calculated move for one’s own advantage. In the U.S. legal system, it is a specific offense with certain features. It is a crime usually committed when buying or selling property which includes intangible property, real estate, or personal property.

State and federal statutes criminalize fraud, but not all cases would escalate to a crime. Fraud, such as identity theft, is a serious offense. If you are facing charges of fraud, it is best to make sure that you know as much about your case as possible before going into litigation.

Parole Cases

A parole is a conditional freedom for a prison inmate. The “parolee” are allowed to go out of prison, under the condition of doing certain responsibilities. If you’re a prison inmate under parole and you don’t follow the rules, you are running the risk of going back into prison. It is also important that you don’t sign anything which states that you violated the parole without your lawyer present.


Assault is sometimes defined as any intentional act that causes another person to fear that she is about to suffer physical harm. In Texas, an assault has many classifications that differentiate it among the nature of your specific crime, such as family violence or aggravated assault. A conviction for assault in Texas becomes part of your permanent criminal record. This can affect you when you’re trying to apply for job or mortgage. An experienced Richmond criminal law attorney can help you determine whether you have any grounds for dismissal, find out your plea options, or represent you in court.

Sexual Assault

In layman’s term, a sexual assault usually refers to an attack on a person that is sexual in nature, such as rape. This is usually a 2nd degree felony in the Lone Star State and can carry a sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

Dealing with a criminal charge can be overwhelming and confusing. To get the best outcome from your case, an experienced Richmond criminal law attorney must assess it as soon as possible. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, we have competent criminal defense attorneys who can give you legal advice and help you with your case.


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Whether you're dealing with a criminal charges or family law concerns in Texas, our Richmond family law & criminal defense attorney can resolve your legal problems and bring peace back into your life.

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Within the complex criminal justice system, a defense attorney serves as the defendant’s protector, advisor, and confidant. A criminal defense lawyer can help defendants cope with feelings of uncertainty, embarrassment, fear, and anxiety that tend to go with criminal charges.

A Richmond criminal law attorney will:

  • Research the facts and investigate the case against their clients.
  • Try to negotiate deals with prosecutors (which might include reduced charges, reduced bail, and lesser sentences).
  • Examine prosecution witnesses.
  • Help formulate a plea or help to determine whether to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.
  • Analyze the prosecutor’s case and do legal research, interview witnesses, and examine documents.
  • Assess the potential sentences, review search and seizure protocols, question witnesses, and gather evidence.

One thing that really makes a difference in your case is your involvement. It’s extremely important that you feel you have a hand in your future — that you have an invested interest in how things turn out for you and possibly your family. Even though a defense attorney will be on your side, you also need to feel like you’re on your side as well.

Every criminal case is unique, and only a specialist who is experienced in assessing the particulars of a case can give the type of legal representation that would best fit your needs. Here at the Law of Office of Annie Scott, we have experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help you with your legal battle. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Richmond Criminal Law Attorney

When you want committed representation for your criminal case, The Law Office of Annie Scott has you covered. I know this is a very difficult time for you, especially since your future may be uncertain, and you may be dealing with judgment from all. Well, my judgment-free service will provide more than just support; it will be the thing that makes a real difference during our time together. Don’t wait to schedule your consultation.

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