Charged with a crime? Call Us 24/7!

Charged with a crime? Call Us 24/7!

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Fighting criminal charges? Avoiding jail time?

Sugar Land Criminal Defense Lawyer Annie Scott
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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorney


If you have been charged with a crime, it can feel like the situation is hopeless. Just getting accused of a crime is enough to tarnish your reputation and make it feel like you’ve lost your dignity. What’s more, a criminal conviction can affect your job, your family, and your freedom to live the life you want.

But don’t lose hope – Attorney Annie Scott is here to protect you! As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Annie Scott has the compassion to listen to your side of the story, and the skills to make your voice heard and defend your freedom.

If you’re facing DUI/ DWI charges, domestic violence allegations, or other criminal charges in Texas, don’t plead guilty! Call The Law Office of Annie Scott at 281-206-8119 to seek the help of a seasoned Sugar Land criminal defense attorney who will fight for you and get your life back.

Facing DUI or DWI charges? Call our Sugar Land drunk driving attorney to start crafting a strong defense for your DUI/ DWI and reckless driving charges.

Drug charges can impact your life greatly and rob you of your freedom. When everything’s on the line, our Sugar Land drug attorney is here to defend you.

Arrested for a crime? Get help with your bail and defend your freedom by calling our criminal defense lawyer in Sugar Land & Katy, TX today.

Charged with assault? Don’t let it ruin your reputation and turn to a conviction. Call our trusted Sugar Land assault attorney today.

Facing theft charges? Don’t let these charges take your freedom away. Call our aggressive theft and property crime lawyer in Sugar Land & Katy today.

Domestic Violence

Dealing with domestic violence charges? Protect your integrity against false allegations! Call our experienced criminal defense attorney to get a strong legal representation.

Charged with a felony? Our Sugar Land & Katy TX felony defense attorney can protect your rights and help you get a reduced legal consequence.

Don’t let your future be in jeopardy because of a misdemeanor charge. Call our criminal defense attorney to get the best result for your criminal case!

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Katy & Sugar Land Texas Attorneys

Defending Your Freedom Without Judgment

Charged with a crime in Texas? Our Sugar Land criminal attorney is a strong fighter who can defend you against charges of drug crimes, property crimes such as theft and robbery, family violence, assault, and other crimes in the Houston and Sugar Land, Texas area.

At the Law Office of Annie Scott, we don’t keep you in the dark. We keep you updated and work with you to develop an aggressive defense and address your legal problem until it’s all resolved. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or dealing with a conviction, our Sugar Land & Katy criminal defense attorney will fight for you.

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Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm


The Law Office of Annie Scott is proud to serve you not only here in Sugar Land & Katy TX but also throughout the counties of Harris, Fort Bend, Austin, Waller, Brazoria, and Washington. If you’re looking for answers to questions about criminal defense such as DUI, assault, theft, or even drug charges, don’t hesitate to come in and we’ll talk it out!

When you work with Attorney Annie Scott, you will get effective and compassionate representation from a seasoned Sugar Land criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Office of Annie Scott by calling (281) 846-5020 today! 

We can help you get your life back!

Dealing with criminal charges? Our Sugar Land & Katy criminal defense attorney can resolve your legal problems and bring peace back into your life.

Serving Texas, Judgment Free

Attorney Annie Scott

Looking for the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas? When it comes to criminal defense, you need more than just an experienced lawyer by your side. You need someone who understands your struggles, listens to your side of the story, and is willing to go above and beyond for you.

Attorney Annie Scott is a criminal defense attorney with a drive for results and a full heart for those in need.

Getting the Best Results For You

We know that your case results determine how your life will go. That’s why it’s our mission to strive for the best possible results for you. When you work with Attorney Annie Scott, you can rest assured that your case is in the capable hands of someone who works hard, and works efficiently.

Putting Your Needs First

When we get to know you through the Texas legal process, we go above and beyond for your well-being because we care. When you’re facing this kind of uncertainty, everyone deserves the best advocate. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure you get what you need — especially since we know you may have people who depend on you.

For any criminal defense lawyer, judgment-free representation is a must. It shows you, as a client, that you’ve got someone on your side through the entire process. No matter what may be lurking in your past, rest assured that I’ve got your back.

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“When you’ve hit rock bottom with a legal issue, rest assured you’re not alone.” – ANNIE SCOTT


STILL HUMAN: Getting Past Your Criminal Charges

Aggressive and effective representation in your criminal law case by Attorney Annie Scott

Achieve a fair outcome! Download our free book to familiarize yourself with the criminal defense process so you can worry less and gain more control of the weeks to come! Get answers to your most burning questions such as:

  • What should I do after my arrest?
  • What should I expect at court?
  • What happens in a criminal trial?
  • How do I rebuild my life? and more!

I’ve been a lawyer for over 10 years. I been saving people just like you from oppression and persecution for even longer than that. I can’t stop, I won’t stop. Let me fight for you. Let me help you get your life back!” – Annie

For more information, call us at (281) 206-8119!

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