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Annie Scott Co-counsel on Tigerman Case

Annie Scott Represents Victor Cuevas Tiger Man

In the picture: Victor Cuevas sitting beside Houston criminal defense attorney Annie Scott in court.

Annie Scott Co-Counsels on “Tiger Man” Victor Cuevas

Houston, TX — The suspect, Victor Hugo Cuevas, who was seen fleeing with a tiger in a west Houston neighborhood on May 10, was expected to appear in court Thursday to determine if there was probable cause that a crime was committed. Victor Cuevas’ attorney said they have evidence that would help drop his case. On Wednesday though, the district attorney’s office took it to a grand jury and Cuevas was indicted.

To learn more about the latest on the Tiger Man case, read about it here or watch the news here.

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Annie Scott Co-counsel on Tigerman Case

In the picture: Victor Cuevas sitting beside Houston crimina...

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