Exceeds Expectations

When you are being dragged into litigation, don’t panic.  Look for Attorney Annie Scott and have her represent you in no time.   I recently had an unfortunate event that required me to appear before the court to prove innocence.  As I was inexperienced in my handling situations like this, I went straight to meet with Attorney Scott.  She listened tentatively and, after reviewing all the details, she was determined and confident that my case had high chances of being dismissed. Then she worked diligently by presenting the evidence to the prosecutor and fought for my rights.  Due to her hard work, my case was eventually resolved without court appearance as a result!  Attorney Scott under promises but over delivers.  She will fight and win your rights back!


Professional, Truthful, and Personable

I would recommend Annie Scott for any of your legal needs. She is professional, truthful and personable. Thank you Ms. Scott for your genuine concern.


Very detailed and thorough

Annie Scott is a great lawyer! She is very detailed and thorough. She is very professional and very comfortable to work with! I am very pleased with her representation, as my case was dismissed fairly quickly. I would absolutely recommend her services!


Case was dismissed in less than a month

My name is Richard Y., I recently acquired attorney Annie Scott’s services and I appreciate that she is very enthusiastic, prompt ,and flexible in helping me with my case ,Thank You Annie.

-Richard Y.

She keeps fighting

I used to think one could walk to a court of law and get justice. It is through Ms Annie, that learnt it's about representation and experience. She has not only talked the talk but walked with and for me. She does her job with passion and compassion. She will go extra miles to get things right.I strongly recommend her services to any one who wants a fair and favorable judgement to right a wrong. She has given me hope that justice can be delayed but not denied!

-Gaius A.