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Modifications and Enforcement

Enforcement & Modifications Attorney in Richmond, TX

A new job, new relationship, or another life circumstance may necessitate modifying your divorce or custody arrangement. In other situations, you may require assistance enforcing alimony or child support orders. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, our family law modifications attorney is here to assist you following your divorce or custody case. Our family law attorneys have decades of combined expertise in helping clients who need modifications and enforcement.

Our family law modifications attorneys will help you modify a divorce, custody, child support, spousal maintenance, child visitation, alimony, or other completed arrangement. Modifications can be made due to new knowledge, changing circumstances, or anything else. We also help enforce court orders for child support, spousal maintenance and more, even if a spouse does not comply.

Divorce Modifications in Texas

Divorce is final, but specific concerns may change in the future. If the parties do not agree to further modifications, the court will not modify the Equitable Distribution (property partition). However, a court can modify child custody, child support, and spousal support orders without both parties’ permission. Determining what concerns may be susceptible to this involuntary modification is a complicated process that requires legal counsel. Modifications may be made based on an agreement or court order, among other things.

Even if you and your ex-spouse agree on the modifications needed, you must follow the legal processes required to alter earlier agreements or court orders. If you decide to change the terms of an agreement or order, a new agreement must be created and signed. Failure to fulfill the legal formalities to legally modify your order or agreement might result in future financial difficulties.

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

When Do You Need A Family Law Modification?

After a divorce, circumstances change, and prior legal orders may no longer be applicable. This is especially true as children grow and their requirements alter. Spousal maintenance is often modifiable. A court will only allow a modification if the change is critical. The date of your desired modification influences the assistance you seek. You may also be compelled to mediate before filing a motion. Modifications may be necessary when there is:

  • A job loss
  • A shift in work hours
  • A parent relocating for employment
  • A medical crisis
  • A child’s growing financial and other demands
  • A child emancipation

Relocation or remarriage of one parent may significantly influence the other, necessitating modification of current court orders. Not all modifications qualify as “substantial” enough to warrant a modification. Things that may negatively impact a child’s life should be handled with an expert attorney. No substantial change in circumstances allows for modification of child support orders. This only applies if three years have passed and there is a 15% change in the new estimated support amount since the court gave the order.

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Enforcement And Court Contempt Actions

A parent who refuses to follow visitation arrangements, pay child support, or obey other court orders is in contempt of court. In most cases, a child needs both parents’ support and genuine interactions. You must follow custody, visitation, and support agreements. Failure to do so may endanger the child’s life.

A parent who deliberately and carelessly refuses to obey court orders may be charged with criminal contempt and face jail time, fines, and other penalties. It’s not unusual for one party to a family law matter to ignore a court order. This non-compliance can be frustrating, producing financial issues for the other spouse and family and emotional distress for children.

If the other party has not complied with your court order, you are not alone. You may have several legal alternatives. Our experts can analyze your case, explain your options, and assist you in reaching your goals. Our modifications attorneys, together with divorce and family law attorneys, can help you enforce your decree in three ways:

  • Intimidation lawsuit;
  • Using collecting methods; and
  • Pursuing criminal charges

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Termination

Child Support

In most Texas localities, children of divorced or non-cohabiting parents are entitled to both parents’ financial assistance. The court can reduce child support responsibilities, but they typically last until the child turns 18 or 19 if still in high school. You can ask your child support attorney for complete information about the existing law of your state.

Spousal Maintenace

Spousal maintenance responsibilities terminate either automatically or when either spouse requests the court and the judge agrees. Here are the most common situations where spousal maintenance duties become terminated:

  • If the payee spouse starts living with another individual, the payor might seek the court to stop paying support;
  • If the recipient remarries, the opposite party might file a motion to discontinue maintenance;
  • Unless a living recipient ex-spouse is eligible for life insurance, maintenance duties end with the death of either party. Sole support is usually not paid by the decedent’s estate. Payments received after the payer’s death must be repaid;
  • Slightly reduced earning capacity of obligor due to medical issues or disability, thus will a financial windfall to recipient spouse;
  • Some maintenance payments are ordered to continue permanently. In contrast, others are only requested to continue for a specified period of months or years. Maintenance payments stop when court orders expire;
  • Even if you and your husband agree to cease marital support payments, the judge may decide differently.

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Judicial Modifications & Enforcement

Change is a constant in life, and family law is no exception. A parent may need to relocate, a party’s economic circumstances may change, and the custody or visitation schedule may need to be changed to fit the child’s best interests. Any of these situations may need court order modifications. Uncontested custody, child support, maintenance, or any other court order that can be changed by law is the subject of a motion to modify. Among the motions to modify are:

Child Support Modifications

For child support, significant changes in the parents’ economic circumstances, child custody arrangements, or higher educational, medical, or extracurricular expenditures are all common grounds for modifying child support.

Custody Arrangement Modifications

You may request a modification of child custody or visitation arrangements for various reasons, including parent relocation, child welfare concerns, and changing child needs. The party requesting to modify the custody/visitation schedule must prove that circumstances have changed and that the desired modification is in the child’s best interests. You will need a child custody attorney that will serve as your legal representation about the legal process for this custody battle.

Spousal Support Modifications

Modifications to spousal support, also known as alimony, are frequently requested when either party’s financial resources, earning capacity, or marital status changes significantly. The party requesting the modification must show that the earlier order was unreasonable. However, you cannot change some spousal support orders. When two parties make a settlement agreement, it is often non-modifiable and has a defined end date.

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Proof of Change in Circumstances

Modifying a divorce decree is not a simple task. Modifications must be justified by evidence of significant changes in one or both parents’ present circumstances. Examples of information include:

  • Obtained proof of the custodial parent’s incapacity
  • Proof that staying with the custodial parent is harmful to the child
  • Changes in circumstances render a piece or the entire divorce order impractical

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Motion Filing Requirements

An affidavit is required when filing a child custody modification request one year after the first order. In the affidavit, you must state one of the following allegations, along with supporting facts:

  • Your child’s current environment jeopardizes or harms their health;
  • You, the custodial parent, think a modification would benefit your child;
  • Custody is being relinquished by the existing custodial parent in the child’s best interests.

Schedule a consultation with our family law modifications attorneys to know how we can help you modify or enforce a divorce decree in Richmond, Texas.

Consult a Modifications and Enforcement Attorney Today!

Modification and enforcement concerns might quickly become thorny. When these issues emerge, a skilled modifications attorney can assist in defending your rights. If you need to modify your divorce agreement, face a difficult ex-partner, or need aspects of your divorce or custody arrangement. Post-decree modification or enforcement may be a possibility for you.

With extensive Texas family law expertise and law practice, The Law Office of Annie Scott has helped many families address modification and enforcement difficulties. Our Texas family law firm aims to prioritize your family and your child’s best interest. Our family law modifications attorneys can begin working on your case immediately.

With our reliable legal staff on your side, a modification attorney will handle your case and paperwork more effectively.We take pleasure in providing individualized service to each client. We promise to achieve good outcomes in every case we handle, and you will be kept updated at all times from our negotiation.

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