Family Law

I love the fact that my clientele is very diverse — probably even as diverse as family law itself. You see, there are many different varieties of family law that I am happy to explain to you. Here, I'll touch on just a few:

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  • Marriage Law. This might include everything from prenuptial agreements, money and property arrangements, and even legal developments in same-sex marriage.
  • Legal matters involving children, such as child custody (who gets custody and how?), child support (how much child support should you pay?), and adoption (who can adopt?). I'll cover Texas laws regarding international, stepparent, grandparent and same-sex adoption.
  • Divorce. You know what divorce is, but you may not know how exactly to go about doing it. We can discuss whether and how to divorce, alimony (should you get continuing payments from your ex-spouse if you make a lot less money than them?), and more.
  • Domestic Violence. I care greatly for all of my clients, and I want to be sure you get connected to the right resources if you're a victim of domestic violence. We can even talk about stalking, restraining orders, or filing any kind of lawsuit both you and I think is best.

As I've mentioned, family law can be divided into more specialized areas, each with their own classifications and particularities. Family law can easily get complicated, which is why you need me to help guide you through it.

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Texas, like every state, has specific laws that may affect your outcome — whatever your case may be. Here are just a few:

  • Alimony. In Texas, there is spousal maintenance, and this is open to you if you can prove you cannot afford to support your minimum needs. But you must also have at least one other qualifier: there's been family violence; your inability to support yourself is due to you or your child's disability; or, your marriage has lasted more than 10 years.
  • Divorce. In Texas, the law allows for no-fault divorce, which simply means you don't need to provide evidence that your spouse is at fault. Thankfully, this law mainly takes into account "insupportability," which basically means that if your personalities are different enough, your marriage may be "irreconcilable."
  • Modifications and Enforcement. When it comes to custody, visitation, relocation, or support after a divorce, you may need a lawyer to modify and/or enforce an existing order. Be sure to call me for specifics on Texas laws.

Come to my office here in Richmond, or even my satellite office in Katy, if you need to know more about the Texas laws regarding your case. I'm available to you for a consultation, and I look forward to meeting you in person.


When it comes to family law, I like to go beyond just being a counselor for you in your time of need. Not only do I care about your well being and give you useful resources, but I also advocate fiercely for you when you require someone by your side. I can stand there with you, being your defense and your offense. Please don’t wait to schedule a consultation with me.