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Non-Disclosure in Texas

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If you have a criminal record, it can affect your ability to apply for a loan or a job. It can affect situations where a background check is necessary. Under Texas law, there are plenty of options for you to prevent a criminal charge from affecting your future, including expunctions and non-disclosures. A Sugar Land non-disclosure attorney can help you with your case.

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What is an Order of Non-Disclosure?

According to Texas laws, you can have your arrest record and records related to your criminal charges completely removed through a legal process called expunction. Also known as expungement, a successful expunction will erase and destroy all files and records of your arrest, including all paper documents and digital records maintained by the police, prosecutor, and the court. However, not everyone qualifies for an expungement. If you’re not qualified for expunction, an Order of Non-disclosure can be a good alternative for you.

A non-disclosure order is a court-issued order that limits who can know about your criminal record. A non-disclosure order essentially seals the record of your arrest and prosecution, so it becomes inaccessible for most background checks. However, certain government agencies and the police can still see your record, but they can only share any information it contains with approved parties. The order also ensures that you no longer need to include the arrest on housing, jobs, or educational applications.

It is important to note that a non-disclosure order only applies to certain criminal offenses. It won’t apply to all crimes that may be on your criminal history record. However, you may get multiple orders of non-disclosure for different crimes. If you wish to know more about how you can get your records sealed, connect with a Sugar Land non-disclosure attorney.

Who is Eligible for Record Sealing in Sugar Land, Texas?

To be eligible for a non-disclosure order, you must meet the following conditions:

Your criminal offense ended in deferred adjudication.

Enough time has elapsed since your deferred adjudication ended.

The offense qualifies for a non-disclosure order (e.g., possession of marijuana, petty theft, and assault)

You don’t have any criminal history that can disqualify you.

You didn’t have any new convictions after the order of dismissal is released

If you meet all these requirements, then you’re qualified for sealing a criminal record and file for non-disclosure.

If you qualify for a non-disclosure order, you need a Sugar Land non-disclosure attorney to help you file a petition. Once a judge signs the order, the Texas Department of Public Safety must seal the criminal record within ten days of receiving the order and disseminate the order to all concerned authorities. Call us today at 281-206-8119 to know more.

When Can You Apply for an Order of Non-Disclosure in Sugar Land, Tx?

There is a waiting time after your discharge of the crime before you can apply. For felonies, you have to wait for five years and two years for severe misdemeanors. If the misdemeanor was only punished by a fine, then no waiting period is required. Otherwise, the two-year waiting period after the sentence applies.

If you’re a relative of someone that passed away who had a criminal record that’s eligible for a nondisclosure order, you may apply on their behalf. A close relative such as a parent, spouse, child, sibling, or grandparent of a deceased person can apply.

The laws surrounding criminal records are constantly changing and evolving. That is why it is essential to have a Sugar Land non-disclosure attorney by your side. If you’re facing criminal charges such as DUI, or misdemeanors and felonies, don’t hesitate to consult with our law firm in Sugar Land, Texas. Our seasoned defense attorneys can fight for you and help protect your rights. Get your life back! Contact our criminal defense law firm today.

Crimes Not Eligible for Record Sealing in Texas

The Texas Code lists certain crimes that aren’t qualified for a non-disclosure order, such as:

Any crime that registers you as a sex offender 


Aggravated kidnapping

Human trafficking

Child abandonment or endangerment


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Filing for Non-Disclosure in Sugar Land, TX

A request for a non-disclosure order is filed in the court that supervised the qualifying offense. Once you file a petition, it is up to the judiciary whether to grant it or not.

The State also receives a copy of the petition, and if they request a hearing, attendance is required. Even if the State doesn’t require a hearing, the judiciary may still require it. You will receive a notice for the hearing, and your attendance is a must. The judiciary determines whether the petition for a non-disclosure order is valid and whether issuing the non-disclosure order is in the best interest of justice.

Keep in mind that a non-disclosure order only applies to a single criminal offense. However, a petitioner can apply for multiple non-disclosure orders for crimes qualified for a non-disclosure order. 

If you’re convicted of a crime and want your criminal record sealed, don’t hesitate to connect with a criminal defense lawyer. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, we have experienced Sugar Land non-disclosure lawyers who can ensure that your past won’t tarnish your reputation. Call our law firm today at 281-206-8119, so we can provide you with legal counsel and guidance.

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Depending on the type of criminal offense and the circumstances of your case, you may be qualified to seek a non-disclosure order for your case. A sealed record ensures that you don’t have to disclose your criminal record for important applications such as for school, employment, or housing.

If you’re ready to get your life back after facing criminal charges, our skilled non-disclosure lawyer in Sugar Land, Texas, can help you seek relief from the consequences of your criminal record. Call our Texas law firm today to learn more about your rights and legal options.

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